Looking for a PhD Position Abroad?


Looking for a PhD Position Abroad with just an MBBS, BDS, BPT or Bpharm degree?


  • Minimum 4 years Bachelor degree with 60% - you don’t need a master degree
  • Master degree with minimum 75% if you don’t have 60% in bachelor degree
  • Research experience is not needed but any experience will be an advantage.

Duration of the Program: 14 days* (Part full time and Part Online)


Program Content:

1. Research methods

2. Qualitative & Quantitative tools (eg: SPSS, SAS, R and many)

3. Designing a research question / hypothesis

4. Designing an experiment or methodology

5. Designing a complete research proposal

6. Designing protocols, consent forms, ethical approval documents

7. Writing a research interest document

8. Writing a literature review and citing articles

9. Helping in finding an ideal supervisor or project

10. Interview skills training.

11. Assignments on breast cancer, childbirth weight and different small projects.

12. Assisting with funding process.

13. One year access to Research & Audit course (Royal College of Anesthetists)